The Secret of a Long Marriage

The  divorce rate among the over sixties is on the rise. Hardly suprising,.people are living longer which has made marriages for many a phase rather than a lasting commitment. And anyway there does come a point when the conversation  once fierce and flowing, then reduced to a tepid trickle just dries up altogether. So its divorce or sitting in  silence with someone you are beginning to have second or third thoughts about.

But for some such as my child bride and I help is at hand. The daily litany of bits and pieces going wrong, maybe doesn’t  lead to the greatest of Hegelian  discussions but it certainly passes the time. 

We still sleep inches apart. But that does not stop the day starting with “How did you sleep?”Restless nights, bad  dreams, the sweats, indigestion and trips to the toilet are the  subjects worthy of  Doctor Johnston. But Vivien has an ace card. She gets cramp at  night. Why, when, how, how long-oh my god this is  an absolute blockbuster.

We move on. My hip, it has good days and bad days. Is it related to exercise, sitting down, wear and tear, old age or just imagination.  She counters with her knees. They are weak  they can give way. Is it the yoga, the pilates, the all vegetarian diet, a sign from Jesus? We need to know.

Then there is the problem of my heart. Arterial fibrillation diagnosed last year but still no treatment. Is it a figment, NHS or private, should I care, are  my prospects for the Rio Olympics  reduced? Many  an evening  is spent  giving opposing opinions  in the   cut and thrust  which would have  Betrand Russell in tears.

Vivien suffers from stiff shoulders. My nimble,  health giving hands are often put to work alleviating the problem. But once again are we looking at something that may have psychosomatic roots? Should she care  how much whisky I drink and how much cheese  I eat? Are these the stresses that cause her stiff shoulders.

My cancer kept us  chatting away and in full vocal flow for nine months, But now it is gone. But in terms of conversation there is always the possibility of  a further bout. We scan the horizon for signs. Vivien’s skin rash is an hereditiary problem which has  given us many hours of shared endeavour and divided opinion as has  my stiff Achilles tendon.

 The problem  with a divorce is how long would it take any future partner to get up to speed on these subjects. And would they take them seriously enough? And would they have problems of their own? No always keep hold of nurse, In case you have to discuss problems worse!

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2 Responses to The Secret of a Long Marriage

  1. Liza says:

    Crampex is the thing for cramp Vivvy

  2. Billy Booth says:

    ECG today Arterial fibrillation tomorrow!

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