Black is Black

Maybe I have gone too far. Maybe the last particle of decency has left me. I dont know. Only time will tell.

There is a sweet old couple in out street. Well lets be fair, hey are pathetic. They cant walk without one  holding onto the other. And they dodder up and down. OK ,fine. One day I’ll be there.

So this week I’m at the bus stop. So are they. She kicks off. Her daughter in law is wonderf ul. An administrator in the NHS, so far so boring. Not one great job but two. Her son is also awesome. I feel that there is a delivery truck  bringing Nobel prizes round every hour,  on the hour. OK some families have all the luck. But my eyes are closing.

But she goes on. And on. I’m beginning to get pissed. Her grandaughter if anything aged eight, is even better, sassy, funny, bright the whole  shooting match. I get the picture  I am either talking to someone from the master race or a complete and utter bore. I make a decision. She may be old. She may have earned a bit of slack but she has gone too far.

So I say. Actually my grandson is retarded. She stops in mid sentence. I have achieved something I have shut  the fuck up. But she starts again that’s terrible she says  are you sure, how can you be sure.

So  in for a penny in for a few euros. Well not only retarded but in a wheel chair. She gasps. Bloody right. Now we are winning. In a wheel chair because he has no arms or legs.

Oh that’s terrible. I give her my St Augustine look. Sure but you have to play the cards you are given. Life is not fair.He is capable of terrific love, the whole family is so grateful.

She moves towards me. Is she going to kiss or dare touch  me? I f reeze. The bus appears. Its over. I am going to hell.

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