Distant Drums

Distant Drums


 WE have seen the tanks. We have seen the convoys. We know where the rockets which shot down the Malayan airline came from. We have seen the  prisoners. Russian mothers are demanding to know where their sons are buried. NATO satellites have seen armoured columns entering Ukraine. Putin denies any invasion on the quiet. Invasion lite.

 Nevertheless the FT quoted a separatist leader who admitted that Russian troops were fighting in Ukraine but had not been drafted but “chose to spend their  holidays with us.. rather than on the beach,”

This is a Monty Python sketch. They may look like Russian soldiers, they may be armed and uniformed like Russian soldiers, they may be organised like Russian soldiers but they are in fact holidaymakers. Where are your cameras and your bucket and spades-we left in the locker in case they got blood on them. If it wasn’t so depressing it would be funny.

Hitler after all started World War Two in September 1939 with German soldiers dressed in Polish uniforms attacking 21 border posts. The detail being such that dead bodies dressed in Polish uniforms were  left on the scene. They turned out to be prisoners from the concentration camps.

 Hitler ranted after these “attacks”,  “ I can find no longer an willingness on the part of the Polish government to conduct serious negotiations with us,Recently there have been 21 border incidents, Polish atrocities. Since 5.45am  we have been returning fire.”

The fact that no one believed the stunt didnt stop the War or Hitler’s ambitions. Does Putin care if the world believes him? I don’t think so.. Surely not again..


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2 Responses to Distant Drums


    Spot on, Hugh x

  2. Don’t worry so. We’ve had two wars to end all wars, the EU’s our guardian now and we have NATO (albeit with pared down forces) and we’re recruiting TA soldiers : about 150. We need 20,000 or so reservists to make up for the Defence cuts. Still, the money saved will go on so many much more worthwhile projects that it’s hard to know where to start…

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