Jewish Problem

Obviously Childish

Not the best film I have seen in  recent days, that goes to Two D ays and a Night and Night Moves was a very original thriller but Obvious Child had many of the feel good charms associated with rom-coms. Of course we all know what happens in rom-coms otherwise they would be called sad-coms or some such.

This one  however involves a very sassy Brooklyn  Jewish comedienne. That means  you dont get more in your face, neurotic.  Of course like most  Brooklyn Jews she has a full set of parents. Bright, creative, understanding and  naturally divorced.

Therein lies the problem. Rom  coms end happy. Whatever the problems- be they first night pregnancy, abortion, bitch friends, an inability to go when the lights are green- the two who you saw in the first fifteen minutes end up together in the last fifteen seconds.

AS we know the rules for rom-coms were laid down in Pride and Prejudice. Two contenders meet. There is an obvious spark. But hey ,not so quick. There is a misunderstanding or three. There is a couple of false starts. Maybe a confusion about identity, motive and most of all manners. But events only move in one direction.

Now we Jane Austen fans know that romance leads to marriage( a goodly thing), which leads to children, Christmas round the tree, a spaniel or a lab, and a place in the Cotswolds. Therein lies the problem.

For Brooklyn Jews in movies  romance leads to marriage, doubt, depression, fucked up children,therapy and divorce. And if you are Woody Allen you end up marrying your  adopted step daughter which in many ways  for a Brooklyn Jew is game, set and match.

So Obvious Child is   OK,in fact good but it does have this Brooklyn problem. Don’t we all?

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