Royals to the Rescue

Royals to the Rescue

With only a few days to go before the breakup of the United Kingdom only the Royals can save us. Of course the announcemant of a royal baby helps but it may not be enough.

Prince Philip must die. A three day protracted death with bulletins  every hour on the hour. This  could start on Saturday and take up to the beginning of the week,with the whole nation  in deep shock and sympathy for their beloved Queen.

On Monday Prince Charles must be involved in a fatal car crash preferably with his brother Andrew those awful Princesses Beatrix etc. This would get rid of major blocks that many have to full on love affair with  the House of Windsor. And at the same time  making the very popular Prince William the next king. While reducing the expense of the civil list.

Prince Harry must be involved in some daring rescue of some crippled Scottish woman preferably from a bad of masked Muslim  jihadists. Or maybe he leads an SAS team to save the Scottish aid worker who has been kidnapped.

If all this fails and the polls still look bad on Thursday then the Queen must go to Edinburgh rally her loyal regiments and declare martial law.

We did for Wallace we can do for Salmond.

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One Response to Royals to the Rescue

  1. David of Bedchester says:

    Hanging, drawing and quartering the fat Scots pig would be too good for him. Castration and then tarring and feathering and making him walk to the Tower and thence to Tyburn for a public hanging may be an option. His head then on a spike in Glasgow as a warning to the others might be a satisfactory outcome.

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