National Treasure

Lest We Forget

We journalists like a story that has legs. A story that will carry on through a few pars,make the magic thousand words and if you are lucky run over a few days.  Then you get the McCann story. It just wont go away. Its got it all. Tragedy, mystery, good guys  bad guys, creepy cops, good cops, blondes, benefactors, the parents, the parenting, the guilt, the tears, the TV interviews, the missing girl. She is spotted 500 times. We know what she will look like  when she is twenty. We keep our eyes open. And thats all in real time.

Then the story goes virtual. Viral, thousands join in and twitter and tweet. Oh what fun. Then the virtual goes real. Real goes viral. Then the viral real goes virtual. Books have been written ,more books will have to come. The baby went missing seven years ago but the story will go on forever.

Did they do it, didnt they do it, how could you ask, is Madeleine like the wife in Gone Girl? She s only five? Would we treat the McCanns white, good looking, professionals(saintly doctors to boot) the same if that had been  Somalis(steady). Were the Portuguese cops a  bunch of da Clouseaus or is that just  our prejudice about all but the institutionally racist UK  plods?

In come the media, in come  the trolls, in come the benefactors, in come the authors, the books,the theories, the libel cases, the lawyers, the pr men. Clairvoyants get in on the act. Every cod psychologist  is ready to spout forth, ”yes grief is a very personal thing”,”closure is a journey”etc. Every ex cop has a view”I think the crime scene should have been sealed, unless there is an arrest within 24 hours etc”

The bleeding heart, it cannot pump out enough of the red stuff. It doesn’t pump it gushes. We drown. Only the other day I said to my child bride ,the mother of my children, where do we stand on the McCanns. I’m very sorry but I think they should try and move on. WHAT. She has missed the point, this is a story with as many legs as a centipede. Its part of the national  fabric,like the Royal  Family and illegal immigrants. Doesn’t she watch Eastenders, has she no media savvy?

So it was no surprise that this week a troll(a 63 year old,tanned and manicured divorcee,bless) who has been having a go at the McCanns was exposed by Sky TV, anonymity blown , outed, she saw no other way,  went to a nearby hotel in Leicester and took the Roman way out. She had read the script. The story needed another chapter. Her son  lives in Los Angeles-naturally. La la Land. (Chase it up, could be an angle)Now Lord Sugar,who hasn’t been in the news for five minutes pops up and says the media have hounded a trill,troll to death.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those who are still taking this story seriously. Get a life. Bad taste, is there any other?

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