JR4 4 the UK

Britain faces a  sperm crisis. Caused by the loss of anonymity and the increased demand by lesbians and others. There are so few donors that one in four of the specimens offered by the sperm banks is imported. British girls can no longer rely on getting British sperm.  I have  decided to offer my  copywriting services to the British Sperm Foundation. Here I suggest a few slogans which will stir the gonads of Britain, the testicles of the nation to spout forth so that those unfortunates who cannot bear penetration, can have made in UK come, injected into their British eggs.

Reasons  for Donating Sperm

Your Spunk, England’s Glory, Use It

Go to Work for an Egg

English sperm for English eggs-Vote UKIP

Your Child ,Their Problem

Be part of the Population Explosion

Fatherhood without school fees.

Be a Daddy without ever talking to Mummy

Be a Dad and never have to go to parents day

Fulfill your Darwinian destiny from the comfort of your own bath

Enjoy the fruits of sex without the sweat

Make a baby without  having a family

Give and make a lesbian happy

Make two lesbians happy

Have children without guilt

Masturbate with purpose

A sperm  isn’t just for Christmas

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