The Bigger They Are

How the media love it. The riches to rags story. See  how they fly, see how they crash. In your little two up two down(with or without an outside loo) you are better off than those gilded butterflies who crash so regularly. Those once proud gods    end up crying before bed time.  The reader gets it, he/she is better off staying put , paying the mortgage and keeping their nose clean

Latest on the media go round of gilded kamikazes is David James the England goal keeper, he earned £20m and now he is a bum having to sell off everything to keep the tax man, and the pay day lenders from his  door.

How did he do it. How did he get through all that cash. Well there is a formula. You perm any three from the five and you have the show business/ sports star/lottery winners who are sleeping on a bench near you.

First there is the booze and the drugs. God that demon bottle, help us from the white powder.  Without  the drugs we would have all got to the top and stayed there.  For these bejewelled eagles the drugs so easy at first  start the descent.

Then there is the gambling. So much moolah coming in whats a few grand,  here or there. Maybe   to  win it back we should double up.  Suddenly its not a game but a habit, oh dear..

The booze and drugs and then there are the away days with maybe the odd bird thrown in. This adds up to something else. The divorce, Oh God there goes half. And some if there are kids.

But you are still in the saddle unless you have listened to that friend of your father . The one down the club who knows what he is talking about. You know that fat accountant with the cigar.It might even be your father.Who turns out not to be Warren Buffet but  Havent A  Clue.. He either puts you into rubbish,think long term, many investments look bad at first, we are very much in the  lower quartile, time is on our side, I’ve talked to the managers and we have definitely turned the corner. Or  while you are boozing, gambling and whoring just runs off with it.

Anyway it makes a good story.  A story as old as Icarus  and its more up to date 18th century version Rakes Progress.It helps make sure that ordinary folk stay in their hutches and tut tut at the play ground of the Gods which can be so cruel.

Actually divorce cripples everyone , booze and gambling don’t make anyone rich and dodgy financial advice can never do but harm. That is , super stars are just like us with a couple of noughts on the end. Any one want a Putney Society tankard and a signed Financial Weekly? Oh come on, I could have been a contender….


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