Hello Big Boy

The trials of Pistorius   for  blasting his babe while she  was on the toilet  and of the Asian British businessman whose wife got murdered on their honeymoon has probably done South Africa as a honey moon destination little good.  Although both were  on the scene, both had a motive neither was found guilty. Fair enough.

The fact that Derwani was bisexual and loved going to male prostitutes especially those who dressed up in Nazi kit caught my eye. Apparently it wasn’t just being  “dog trained” and  whipped by Herman von Discipline(aka Leopold Leisser)he liked licking his boots.

What kind of job is that? A guy comes in  pays  you a wad of cash then licks your boots. This makes banking and the law seem difficult. Actually Derwani went for the  full big boy treatment and asked to be called a Paki. Now this is almost illegal and the fact that this  man got turned on by such treatment is at least interesting. H von D on his web site pointe out that not only was he  six one but that he had a hairy body and a well trimmed beard. Irresistable stuff.

Maybe Herman von D grunted and said something like, lick faster you untermench, maybe he yawned and said call that licking, maybe he went and deliberately stood in dog(Alsatian naturally) poo to make the event an even more tasteful  experience.  Whatever old  Derwani  now thankfully recovered from his mental problems was on the gay web site all through the  fateful honeymoon.

He had previously said that he did not agree with premarital sex. Who does? But sometimes needs must. And anyway for a bisexual especially  one whose nipples had been made to bleed by Herman von D a rest was called for. Ve  ave vays of making vor titties bled, ya, you likee, basket.

I have often wondered why there is no sexual fantasy involved with Nelson’s jolly jack tars or my grandfather’s regiment the Bombay Grenadiers. Of course it is to do with the supreme, capricious and quite devastating power associated with the death head SS uniform. A uniform we must never forget was tastefully designed by Hugo Boss.

Well enough bad taste. The intellectual background to the above is revealed in the next  statement

“Left-wing movements have tended to be unisex, and asexual in their imagery. Right-wing movements, however puritanical and repressive the realities they usher in, have an erotic surface. Certainly Nazism is ‘sexier’ than communism.” Susan Sontag

I came across this quote recently. Sontag bleeding heart liberal though she obviously is, has a special place in my regiment. She wrote a brilliant  book about Nelson-Hamilton-Naples et al  Volcano Lover. I wonder if she is into dog training?


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One Response to Hello Big Boy

  1. Nick Leslie says:

    Very funny indeed. Bro in law. See you later! N

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