Love in a Wheelchair

Love in a Wheel Chair


Nerd meet girl. Love follows. Nerd gets very ill. Turns out to be genius. Gets  even sicker. Becomes cripple. Girl becomes woman joins choir. Meets choir master. He is a saint. Genius writes book becomes famous. They have three children. Genius fall in love with nurse, girl  with choirmaster. They split up.

Whats not to like in the Stephen Hawking biopic The Theory of Everything. Guardian gave four stars, the Telegraph three and my dear wife who held my hand throughout and I liked it a lot. My neighbour complained that it did not touch the complexities and subtleties of this relationship. She is very bright and says that kind of thing. The Spectator pointed out that Hawking was in fact a manipulative, dominating, misogynist. OK nobody is perfect especially those with motor neurone. The actor who played  the twitching genius gets a Golden Globe.

But for me the film was charmed totally by the  scenes of English courtship. No kissing on the first date. No dancing here. Sex if done  at all, is done discreetly. Total disapproval from the boy’s family. Why-she’s doing languages.  Chaps have terrible hair cuts and lovely tweed jackets. Girls go to young Tory dances and blow jobs are what you get done at flash  hairdressers.

Then there is the beautiful Brief Encounter moment. Choir master. “I have feelings for you.” Mrs Hawking “And I have feelings for you.” Mi child bride grips my hand harder. 1000 years of suppression and empire building in those two  statements. Later the choir master will take the hit for the team “Maybe  I should step back”. She, the little hussy creeps out of the family tent and pulls at his zipper.

And talking of zippers,there is Hawking crawling and totally incapacitated but he has all these children. He cant get up stairs but he can get it up! Its so uplifting, its like the paraolympics. He is not only disproving God ,he is God. He falls  for another but of course being God he knows that Jane has moved on, he organises the camping trip with the choir master.

When Jane makes her big move for the choir master, and stays behind after the service, like any decent Englishman all he can think of doing is play the piano. This is not the Bronx, Left Bank or Sunset Boulevard. This is something finer and more decent. All that is  missing is spaniels.

But hey its  OK. The happy foursome go their separate ways but remain friends. Oh Bliss. No wicked step mothers here. Earlier  as the  genius is beginning to gather  momentum there is the priceless scene straight out of Good Will Hunting. Where is your work Hawking. But this is a bus timetable. On the back. My God when did you do this. On the bus. Its fantastic. Give the man a Noble

Later as his PhD is discussed, first part  derivative(Oh No) second part  hardly original (he’s finished) third part…. the most brilliant ,perceptive piece of work we have seen. Halleluiah. All that is left is for him to refuse his  knighthood. Which he does. Trailer follows. See it.



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