Women from Venus, Men Nowhere

Women from Venus, Men Nowhere

We all know that men are from Mars and  women from Venus. What we didn’t know until this week is that women are more likely to believe in the god like quality of these planets. Research shows that  while 60% of UK women believe in an after life only a sad 30% of men believe in a hereafter. Similarly while 50% of UK women belong to a religion only 30% of men put their hand up for the Almighty.

OK so why is this. I asked the child bride and she said it was because women are more emotional. When I asked her to explain more she said it was too early in the day to discuss such things. I asked my neighbour and he said something similar ,that men are more rational-ie less emotional.

So here is my attempt to explain.  Any one who has been to a church service in the last ten years knows these  statistics ring true. And  no church would survive  without the volunteer help of its good ladies. That may be explained by women being generally more sociable and cooperative which would mean that organised religion which brings few status of financial rewards is more attractive to them.

It is well known that men are less likely, even when ill, to go to the doctor. This is explained by a “natural” if out dated desire not to appear weak and or vulnerable.  Similarly men  are more inhibited about asking the way, admitting they are lost. Women have less inhibitions, their bodies being far more complicated they  find admitting problems no big deal. Their natural state means are more disposed to collective action and activities. This acceptance of vulnerability, not having all the answers may explain a tendency to believe in heaven and the power of  organised religion.

It maybe the traditional role of dependence also allows women to lean on religion  far more.

As for belief in the after life, maybe the lack of confidence which holds women back in certain professions means that the certainties which men  find easier are not so forthcoming. Maybe women’s famed ability to “see the other side” or at least listen, makes them less willing to throw out historic and deeply embedded ideas  about heaven, angels, milk and honey and the rest. Women have traditionally been more conservative politically which may have some bearing.

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2 Responses to Women from Venus, Men Nowhere

  1. j Elson says:

    Too clever by half.. Women are less intelligent & believe fiction,(80% of coronation street viewers are guess what), but don’t tell the indoors.

  2. itwonthurt says:

    I say old man, a bit harsh, but then again…

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