Sunday Lovely Sunday

Sunday, Lovely Sunday.


Every week Leo brings Octavia over. And since she has just reached the human phase (she’ll be three in August) every week is slightly different.  We(royal, why not?) have long since been house trained but this has become something of a Louis XIV moment . The family becomes  a corps de valet de toilet.

I want  to go, Fine. Potty or pan?. Yesterday it was the potty. Like her Dad she likes to have a book in hand while doing it. Unlike her grandfather she hasn’t graduated to poetry while you poo, hopefully she will.

But of course although she has a book , despite  her noble blood and brain, she cannot read. So something like a Buddhist chant  comes from the loo. Vivien joins her so the book can make sense. So now Grandmother and  granddaughter are on the floor of the loo, while she strains for Britain, Vivien reads. This, of course being now ,means Leo has to take a photo.

In my scavenging in charity  shops I recently picked up a toy farm, and some wooden animals. These kept Octavia  amused for exactly 5.6 minutes and then it was time for breakfast. A bit of egg, some croisant. A bit of muesli a bit of OJ a few berries-oh the joys of being an only child. I am now on my third cup of coffee and  getting jumpy

. Octavia is upset because there are no “birdies” on the bird feed. Maybe its because there is a big fat pigeon  nearby. Octavia commands Go away pigeon. It doesn’t move. Is this a lesson learnt?

Time to skype Auntie Adelaide in Australia. Octavia is not  playing happy families but we are. It goes  well. Not before we have taken the lap top into the loo so those in Bondi  Junction can enjoy Madame Octavia on the potty. Ah family life.

Octavia now wants to play snap. Or more correctly wants to get all the snap cards out ,spread them on the floor and then dance on them. Way to Go. Then its Russian doll time. Octavia is now feeling the heat so its off with the shoes and socks. As you do. Leo and Adelaide are catching up. Vivien is playing with Octavia and I’m hiding. We eventually play a little horsey horsey which she rather liked. She is rather wary of me and I haven’t a clue.

Octavia has come with her new balance bike and crash helmet and we want to see the little monkey do her new trick. No way Hose. I want to  see my Mummy. We want to see you on your bike. A compromise is reached ,she rides the bike to the car. Another photo  is taken. Another week in her life. Next week no doubt she’ll have mastered the future conditional and we all will  be a week older. Only she will be wiser.

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