A Few More Last Words

Was it only a week ago? As they say a long time in politics.

For Tory voters there is the added pleasure of seeing the  now headless chickens of the other parties rushing around and  blaming everything but the written on stone obvious. But of  course we have to remember how long it took the Tories after 1997 to recover their balance and winning ticket.

Here are a few of the wonderful reason that the losers have  given for their recent defeat

The election was rigged  #Thanetrigged(UKIP)

Self delusion of voters.  Niel Kinnock

Leadership contest(of Miliband) took too long. Alistair Campbell

Tories used the politics of fear  which were encouraged by (false) polls. Paddy Ashdown

The venal, the vile, the racist and the Zionist.  George Galloway

Miliband didn’t step down  in 2014. Polly Toynbee

Antisemitism- referring always to North London Miliband and his alien appearance. David Baddiel

Not promoting “our sound economic policy” and not refuting the “false statements” about Brown’s economic record. Alan Johnston

Polls should be banned during elections as they distort .Diane Abbott

Because we discarded New Labour in 2010 .Peter Mandelson

But some do talk  sense. As  a  letter writer in the Guardian penned

“Labour has been shredded from two sides. The south of England where it feared being exposed as the tax and spend party. And Scotland where it was exposed as not being a tax and spend party. The future looks bleak.”

And not  so good for the  winners with Europe, Scotland, immigration, housing and the rest to worry about. But at least they get the power and the perks, the swagger and scent of victory both in the morning and afternoon.

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One Response to A Few More Last Words

  1. Rob Pemberton. says:

    Just say thank you Ed and bring on Diana Abbott as the new leader. I am sure she is very capable with hard work and coaching of reducing their vote still further. Rob.

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