Veni Todi Approvi V

Veni,Todi, Approvi   V

On the last day of our dear friends David and Nina’s stay we decided against a long drive and went across the valley to the most darling of hill top towns. Monte Costello. Down into the valley,over the  cypress lined Tiber( Fiume Tevere) and up the steep slope. It was the most  perfectly formed of the nearby  (unsung) hill top towns,  bleached by 2000 years of history.  An ancient wall, narrow lanes, artisan shops, a miniature theatre, a lovely hotel, historic churches,a Russian doll of piazzas  ending with the main triangle which opened up on one side with a view across the valley which drifted into  eternity. We came again.

WE learnt that the old men who sat in the corner in the shade were living sun dials. For as the sun moved so did they. Barely breaking their conversation as they moved their  chairs around to stay just in the shade. But that first day we also shared this dream space with a group of Dutch women and their children and a couple from Sydney.

The Aussies broke off our conversation as they had just had news. Their eldest son had just got engaged. This of course meant   intensive  inter continental phone calls for half an hour. That finished the lady came over and apologised.

Her son a banker in his thirties  had just successfully  popped the question to a doctor who he had only known for three months. Of course they were worried, but what could they do? The other son had implored them to intervene in what he considered to be a car crash waiting to happen

Naturally we were the right people to share this with, we had after all known her for five minutes. What should she do? We nodded,  we  tried Italian hand signals. We all knew the rules as we too  had grown up children . On their relationships- you can look but you cannot touch. We looked serious and thin lipped, we tutted and we made our excuses. We were off to nearby Todi  to our favourite restaurant for lunch. Since you ask, Enoteca Oberdan

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One Response to Veni Todi Approvi V

  1. Cathy piccolo says:

    Monte Castello di Vibio, yes a lovely sleepy hill town with what they claim to be the smallest theatre in the world. Hope you did you free tour! We have also sat in the piazza with the view towards Rome, with the old men (& slightly grumpy bar owner). One morning we watched the locals go into the church for mass, a young lad, with his family, had ‘cocaine dealer’ written on the back of his leather jacket!! Btw, I was proposed to after three months, aged 42, best decision I ever made!

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