Onward Labour Soldiers

Onward Labour Soldiers

They just don’t get it. Blair, Brown, Mandelson, Blunkett, Kinnock,Campbell et al. The  Labour college of cardinals(mostly retired), the boyos born to rule. Every time they speak against the pretender  Corbyn, 10000 more Labour supporters come out of their burrows determined to vote for him. Because what is going on is a revolt against  New (ie non) Labour,the spin, the focus group, the centrism, the managerial metropolitan view of politics. This is Labour’s counter reformation, the faithful,so long despised, want their mass in Latin, servile masses arise, arise.

Those who oppose Corbyn are the neighing  suited donkeys which took the  country(with Tory support) into the Iraq war on a lie and seriously destabilised the world. Just think of that war’s effect on  Syria and Afghanistan and the “swarm” of refugees. It used to be said that Labour without a moral crusade was nothing. They tried doing anything it takes to win elections and many of the activists were unhappy.It seems that a lot of Labour supporters  believe a moral crusade is the point. These are not Christian but Labour soldiers marching as to war.

I repeat my one original political anecdote. In the 1970s I was canvassing in North Kensington  for the Labour Party. Solid, Except one who said he was voting for the Tories. Why? Labour are just in it for themselves. Look at Harold Wilson he has just sold his biography for £250k. But surely the Tories do the same thing. Yes ,but I expect it of them,

Well if Labour were careerist and  personal opportunists in the 70s just think of the careers the Kinnocks have had in Europe and the rise and rise of Tony Blair since leaving government. Its got worse. So when up pops Corbyn whose  life blood is Clause 4, an out and out rebel who didn’t go to Oxford, and revolts against most of the sensible conventional wisdom that dominates the UK’s political middle ground,the rebel flag is raised and those born to revolt salute.

But some very good may come of Corbyn. Only if the SNP are dislodged can we really see a long term future for the UK. And only if the SNP are outflanked on the left is that possible. Corbyn may be the man to do that. Save the UK and destroy the Labour Party,what a double whammy. We Tories will have a lot  to thank him for.

Whatever your political colour as you listen to the Internationale stand and give the clenched fist salute. This is your land. Easy mortgage terms available.

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3 Responses to Onward Labour Soldiers

  1. Peter says:

    Accurate, amusing and good punchline. The lesson of history is that we do not learn from it. Especially politicians. I remember a visiting ‘old Asia hand’ lecturer to our school back in the 60’s telling us that the USA would never win the Vietnam war because the US soldiers did not have the spirit that the Vietcong had. He was right. Similar comments were made by other experts about the Blair/Bush enterprises in Iraq and Afghanistan. As Margaret Thatcher said “Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They always run out of other people’s money. It’s quite a characteristic of them.” (Thames TV, 2/5/76). Q.E.D.
    N.B. All Champagne Socialists out there.


  2. Johan Vivian VAN DIJK says:

    Only it isn’t ‘our’ land anymore, is it? What our governments doesn’t swallow as EU directives, and the bypassing of Parliament, we sell off to foreign ‘investors’ or buy in from abroad. And as for the managerial metropolitan elite, I wonder what the obverse of that coin would look like under Mr Corbyn and his union backers. How I loathe politicians of every persuasion; there’s always someone and their beliefs to take advantage of. And still the camps in Calais are filing up.
    I’m sure the Carry on Films had a succinct phrase for it :’Infamy…infamy! They’ve got it in for me.’

  3. During the days of Militant, I used to complain to my friend in Germany about how our Labour Party ought to be more like their SDP. Under Blair I thought it was, but I was told that Labour was now to the right of the Christian Democrats. We had two problems: there was never a powerful Communist Party, so the communists made a nuisance of themselves in the Labour Party, and our Catholic minority was too small, so we had no tradition of Christian Democracy.

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