Dirty Postcards

Dirty Postcards

When I was about eight  I was playing and probably losing a game of tennis to my  sister on Highbury Fields. A middle aged man in the proverbial mack walked by. And then he came by a second time. Barbara cried he’s got his thing out. What? said the little chap at the other end not daring to look. And so it was we were being flashed. I remember the nice policewoman (that was before they were fattened up) coming round.

Fast forward a decade. Vivien is going up an escalator  at Oxford Circus. She feels something/someone pressing against her. Its rush hour, it happens. When she gets to work she finds that that something had come all over her. Yo!

At about the same time Vivien’s sister then a very sexy young woman was the  target a flasher . Good friend Billy remembers sitting with a girlfriend on the tube and the man opposite flashing his mack to expose the member for sad city. Later  daughter Adelaide would be groped  between the legs as she walked up the stairs  at Parsons Green tube and later for a year or so received  anonymous dirty phone calls.

Most women until  about 1970 didn’t feel that they had  real “value” from their foreign travelling experience unless there had been the odd squeeze on the buttock. For Vivien it was in Athens, others have experience similar elsewhere

OK no one ,dies but these experiences are not pleasant. But do go on. All the above came to mind when reading of the Turk Zeynal Uclay,who now lives in Hackney(home of the kebab) going down for three months for filming women’s under garments on tube escalators. Historically this is actually a Donald McGill saucy seaside joke-I have a postcard of men standing under a pier enjoying themselves looking up women’s skirts.

Back to Zeynal . One women felt him pressing up and then noticed he was filming with his phone. Another noticed him  telling teenage girls to go in front so he could start filming.

Of course this is both sad and pathetic. And if its not happening to you  laughable. If he is into women’s under wear why doesn’t he do what I do and pop down to his local Lido and look to his libido’s content. No it isn’t just women in their underwear that he is into. it’s the forbidden.

After all most men admit the flash of knickers in a fully clothed woman is more exciting than the sight of that same woman in a bikini at the Charlton Lido. The flash of a shapely leg coming out of a slit dress more  interesting than the girl in hot pants. A lot of  fashion  not unreasonably emphasises  what the other sex find  interesting.

But for Zeynal and his pathetic pals the illusion of the forbidden, the naughty is the thrill they just must have.. It maybe no coincidence that Zeynal comes from a Muslim country where the dress code suggests that men are totally out of control unless presented with blobs. Though I am sure my man on Highbury Fields was baptised.

However anecdotally, and maybe I dont get out enough, I feel there are less dirty phone calls and  fewer flashers than before. Though of course it maybe those who used to deep breath on the phone now use twitter or Instagram.

But even though sex is freely available both in the real and virtual worlds these saddos still take intimate pictures of women in hospital wards, dentist chairs,public loos and tube escalators. Maybe Freud was right we are all fucked up.  After all emancipated  women read Shades of Grey and men  are interested in knicker lines. What a many headed  beast is  lust.

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3 Responses to Dirty Postcards

  1. Hes a muslim flog him then hang him…better still THE CHOP

  2. Nick Leslie says:

    viv’s sister now a sexy old lady still gets the occasional flash from me and it’s not always well received…good blogging Tommo. N

  3. Serious subject, but … a fair-skinned friend who is a brilliant linguist felt her bottom being groped on holiday in Rome. She turned round and spat out the Italian colloquialism, “Your mother is a prostitute!” The groper said “Sorry, I thought you were English.”

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