FAQs for Jeremy

Prime Ministers Questions

I have put a few questions for Jeremy to ask the PM

Why do the over fifties have less  sex under the Tories than under the Coalition government. Will the government cuts continue to hurt the ordinary people up and down the country.

This has been the worst summer from many years. Can the government  confirm that this has nothing to do with the Met Office being sacked from its BBC contract.

The other day I had to wait for more than ten minutes for a 22 bus. Can the government guarantee that the privatisation of the railways will  stop so the costs can be calculated.

I used to have a very attractive GP. Last time I went to the doctor because I  had run out of  paper hankies I was dealt with by an elderly Asian doctor.  Can we be sure that a seven day , treatment on demand NHS is safe.

Austerity has meant that many people have had to cut back on holidays, X factor appearances and singing the national anthem. Can Mr Cameron state whether he has been to a Food Bank and are they part of what he calls Challenger Banks.

Many people have volunteered to take in Syrian refugees. When  are they arriving and will they becoming through the new enlarged Heathrow.

SW London is to suffer a  traffic melt down because of the rugby  world cup. Can the government guarantee that the sell off of playing fields is over.

Last week a bearded man in ill fitting clothes started appearing on my TV. Can we have an assurance that the BBC licence fee is secure.

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