Happy Families

Master Butcher in the Shed.

“ All Happy families are alike”, is part of the famous opening line of Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina.  And there could have  been no happier families two years ago than the Galsworthy –Mathews as the mature couple tied the knot and their extended families stood in attendance. In fact her grown up son was his best man and his teenage daughter was her bridesmaid. They had been together for several years so it seemed that the official  ceremony by these two “soul mates was a thing of joy.

But as we know the skeletons well and truly have fallen out of the cupboard. The young man murdered his step sister. Maybe directed and dominated  but certainly helped by his girlfriend who was also a bridesmaid on that wedding day. Ding dong the bells certainly rang . For you but not for me. Happy families.

Later the mother would say of her son that “he was different from the child that I had brought up.” But she hadn’t brought him up,  she had farmed him out to her mother. And he had spent many of his teenage years in his room watching porn. He never knew his father,his loving mother had left the name blank on the birth certificate. She  now says she will visit him inside  to “find our why he did it.”

Elsewhere his girlfriend, one of eight had  spent time in six foster homes before going back to her mother. She hitched up with her boyfriend when he was twenty and she fourteen. They shared an interest in porn. Her mother took such a dislike to her boyfriend that she cut off all contact.

Hardly surprisingly their relationship  was  characterised by domestic squalor, violence to themselves and each other and the interest in porn, not least with young girls which became centred on the step sister. Nevertheless they both held down jobs, he as a delivery  man, “good for a laugh,, and she as a “hardworking carer”.

The two cooked up the psychotic delusion which is called folie a deux. This hardly socialised couple fed off each others grievances and fantasy.

But maybe as well there was an envy of the young girl who lived securely with two parents. Anyway they killed her with her stun gun and a knife , cut up her body and hid it in a neighbours shed. She claimed he dominated her,his family said it was the other way round. In court he honoured his girl by saying she had nothing to do with the crime. CCTV footage and emails said otherwise.

Tolstoy’s opening line finishes “ each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” When you read the background of these killers there is something depressingly familiar about their family lives. But hey, lets not be judgmental. As all divorcing parents say and know,the kids have taken  it well.

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One Response to Happy Families

  1. Johan Vivian VAN DIJK says:

    Just where do you go to escape reading or hearing about what is happening out there; the causes, the justifications and explanations for mayhem and then…the absence of a credible remedy? As for not being judgmental (seriously written? I don’t always know with these posts) – what else is left? Some were brought up believing in right and wrong, in a punishment fitting the crime. That is all gone now and we see the results everywhere.
    Just a few more sips and my ‘liberaling’ dose of Horlicks will be done; I can sleep off my nostalgia – a sense (deluded) of how things once were.

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