Not for Wimps

Not For Wimps

Next year I am seventy. Gateway to old age. While there are cheer leaders for the third age and all that blah, we all know the truth of the expression “old age is not for wimps.” Bits stop functioning, things fall off, the last quarter and extra time are the hardest parts of the game. So we must plan for a different kind of life. Luckily film makers have got there first and have shown us with a whole range of “geezer flicks “ , what to expect. But how real are they?

Marigold Hotel.  Here you go to a hotel with equally old strangers and fall in love with Maggie Smith. This does not seem a very real or exciting prospect so its best discounted. And anyway  over past two years I have had enough of Maggie Smith(and Judi Dench)

Quartet.  Instead of a hotel it’s an up market care home but once again there is an opportunity to fall in love with Maggie Smith. Maybe there is a broader point,  that you may hitch up with an ex,as in Friends Reunited. My own experience of this was a few years ago when I discovered that an ex lived  in Pembrokeshire near where we were staying. We made contact and she and Vivien got on very well. Hardly the stuff of fantasy.

Bucket Shop-here  a spiritual ethnic takes you( a tight arsed Anglo Saxon) on a trip towards  your inner better self. The only ethnic I talk to on  a regular basis is Wim an Indian who used to run a local post office and now owns  several bought to rent flats. He passes our house every day on his way to feed the sea gulls. He has a good line in smutty jokes and knows how many beans make five. But I am not sure he will lead towards my ying or my yang or any better karma.

45 years- Once again Tom Courtney one of the prides of Putney pops up. Here we understand that past passions, memories of exes this time, could pop  and destroy the present. Well many of the great physical experiences and passions are well preserved in my F for Fantasy brain area , faces I can just remember but most of the names have long gone.

Amour- Here is the end game. The one without dementia smothers the one with. We have invested in special waterproof pillow cases ready for that day. As I said not for wimps. Bring it on.

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3 Responses to Not for Wimps

  1. The secret of happiness is to live in denial. Don’t worry till it comes.

  2. Wim Denslagen says:

    Yes, you need help. Here is my advice. Let things fall apart and observe how they fall, without fear that is.

  3. Johan Vivian VAN DIJK says:

    REPRISE – a film that will not make it to the screen. It’s about a war where there’s a scene in which a general’s Chief of Staff tells a reporter ; ‘if you’ve got them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow’. The war ? Vietnam. The lessons (let’s say Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya) never learnt.
    The trouble with age is that you know that you’ve been here before.

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