Jobs Worth

Jobs Worth

Steve Jobs  of Apple was one of  the great modern entrepreneurs. Small wonder several books,TV docs and now a feature film have been made about him. In many ways  in the film he comes across as the classic entrepreneur. Hard, driven, ambitious, ruthless, demanding, charismatic inspiring and of course ultimately successful. As we  know from watching The Apprentice there are legions of arseholes who are capable of talking the talk. But not necessarily walking the walk. Jobs by the end was running  faster than any..

So Jobs is an absolute 14 carat prick to those who worked for him, around him and  tried and get close emotionally. Typically in the film  his woman is a bit of a fruit cake but Jobs denies the paternity of their child and that the (non)relationship with the  daughter runs through the film like a tea lady in a busy office. The politics of Apple and the relationships between the board members are done in the fast paced, in your face way that those who enjoyed West Wing will recognise. The film script was by the same team.

Of course this being Hollywood by the end Jobs just about gets what being a father might be. Apple having faltered  starts its climb to the stars and we  find out why Jobs is such an out and out bastard. He is one. He was not only adopted but rejected by his adopted parents. You dont have to  be Sigmund to work that one out! The world must not only change, but pay.

This fits in with the reasonable belief that really successful people are all fruit cakes. They flunk school, they war with their parents, they marry often, they treat others as mere skittles ,all in the cause of reaching their  financial or creative goals. Others are mere hobbits who are happy in their skins, accept the world as it is, love their children and  put up with  mediocrity.

The progress of society  both culturally and economically depends on these fruit cakes breaking the mould. Thinking outside the envelope and not putting up with mediocrity , these are the boys and girls who have led us to the promised land. We live in a society that depends on the maladjusted to pull us though.

Back to the film. Great acting from Michael Fassbender and Kate Winslet  (et al). She at last playing a  totally believable role. I recently saw Fassbender playing Macbeth which was massively disappointing, but as Jobs he is the epitome of the inspired bastard, lord of the internet, who wants the best, gets it and doesn’t mind how many bodies are left on the carpet, rather like Macbeth . Of course  in thre end they both die. That’s the paths of glory for you….

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