Gender Bender

Going on a Gender Bender

For some time I have been in touch with my feminine side. But now I realise this is not enough . I must cross the great gender divide, I must move on. Not least because I have realised for some time that I am not comfortable in a man’s body. I have started to realise that I may have been trapped in an alien mind set. How do I know this? Because  I have started to see things differently

1 I now realise that Jane Austen is not a retro car

2 I have my nails cut rather than chewing them

3 I realise that female sports reporters talk just as much nonsense at their male counterparts

4 I can keep a straight face when a man introduces me to his husband.

5I realise that a prick is something you get from sewing

6I realise that fat is not just a female issue but I am still trying to work out where I stand on botox

7 While George Elliot. George Sands and George Orwell are all noms de plume only one is a man

8 I know that my wife’s birthday is two days before Trafalgar Day

9 A burka isn’t just for Xmas

10 But the real clincher that I am changing  gender is that I now know where the bread counter is in Waitrose.(Two aisles from the malt whisky)

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