Third Man

Third Man

He was brought up in the bosom of the establishment. His family  home was a seven bed roomed manor house in deepest Shropshire. Cricket and dog loving to this very day. He went to fee paying prep school and a selective secondary school. He has married several times. He was never short of girlfriends. He has many deep long standing friendships based on his life time’s work.

Yet somewhere in his early life he is recruited by the other side and he spends his whole  career digging deeper and deeper until the mole comes out on top, and  can be of the maximum effect for his secret masters.

It could be Kim Philby but of course it isn’t, its Jeremy Corbyn. Yes, why is he leading the Labour party like a cross between the  negligent Captain Smith of the Titanic and the obsessive Captain Ahab in pursuit of Moby Dick. He seems blinkered and completely ignorant of any of the rules of politics  as he drives the Labour ship onto the rocks and refuses to lower the life boats. Why?

Because Tory Central Office has spent a lot of time and money creating this leader. The 300,000 rent –a- crowd members  who voted in Corbyn all had their £3 Labour memberships paid for by the grey figures of Smith Square. His mission, to end forever the Labour  Party as an effective  force.

In the end  after having the facts for fifteen years MI6 twigged that Philby was not like other spies and one day whats left of the Labour Party will get that Jeremy is not like other  activists. Not least he along with the late Osama bin Laden ,Corbyn supports Arsenal(He is hiding in Kabul/He supports the Arsenal) and he eats in my favourite deli Gabys by Leicester Square tube. For me it is the salt beef of old Tel Aviv for him the mushy humus of down town Athens.

When he is exposed  for the Tory Troubadour he is ,the Sexpot Trot, on his third  marriage will embarrass the Labour Lassies who opened up to their  bearded hero. Not least the  dusky damsel Diane Abbott whose Christmas pudding smile is so often on our media. She will no doubt sue the Tory Party for the trauma  she will claim to have suffered when she realised that  what she thought was a red hot poker was of a different colour.

And if you think all the above it totally fanciful, how about this quote lifted from this week’s New Statesman after the recent Shadow Cabinet meeting. “An MP said: “The problem is that Jeremy continues to operate as an individual rather than as the leader of a collective. Dangerous and damaging.”

As instructed.

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One Response to Third Man

  1. Johan Vivian VAN DIJK says:

    The only thing fanciful is that there is any political party in this country left to like, to trust or believe in.

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