My kinda town


Last week the FT magazine dedicated to London asked the  Hannah Barry,owner of a gallery about some of their favourite places. Here are my answers

A  little place I know

The Beaujolais wine bar and restaurant club, Lichfield Street near the more famous Ivy. I have been going there for nearky forty years. I  host an Old Boys lunch there every year. Totally authentic atmosphere, great  and good value f ood and the kind of quirky status which  I enjoy. Its cheese board is one of the great sights of London cuisine. An  added pleasure, the bar manager Pascal is a rabid Arsenal season ticket holder.

Best place  to read in quiet

The Boathouse pub by the river at Putney Bridge at lunch time. This relatively new and very well designed pub has almost no one at lunch time. I love to go there for an hour and dawdle over a drink and a read

Most inspiring environment

Henry’s Mount in Richmond  Park. Having walked across the Park from Roehampton  on a clear day to get that panoramic view of London’s  increasingly exciting sky line( and still see St Pauls) is  one of the wonder of my town.

London locale that reminds me of an artists hero

Putney Hill where little Algernon Swinburne walked out every weekday for his walk to the first pub in Wimbledon,the Rose and Crown.  As a reformed alcoholic his ration was one  bottle a day but not in Putney! On his way across the Common the twitchy red head would stop and admire babies in their prams, one was Robert Graves.

Most treasured gallery

The Contemporary Ceramics gallery by the British Museum. I love modern ceramics and  every time  I go to the BM  I pop in and dream of a house big enough to be a serious collector.

Best discovery of last twelve months

Kenwood House. As much for the walk across Hampstead Heath to and from the tube as for the House which does have the most wonderful mini National Gallery of a collection. Also the whole experience reminds me of my North London youth-as have recent trips to the Almeida Theatre  in now, oh so trendy Upper Street.

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