Aston Villa 0 Arsenal 2

Aston Villa 0 Arsenal 2

Just another game at the pub. The City Arms just north of Hammersmith Bridge, not a great pub  but has four screens showing the  game, a pleasant cycle ride along the tow path away. Pub pretty empty, slight apprehension because the last time I watched here Arsenal got hammered. Settle down.

A couple of Polish girls sit near me.  Good looking if not refined.They are  obviously lesbians. They share a pint of coke with two straws. How sweet is that? One is  kdlaing’s younger sister tall with short blond hair, white shirt, jeans and cowboy boots , the other more feminine. They giggle and nuzzle as they await their Thai meals.

I ask ,am I in the way of them watching the football. They giggle and say they are not interested . The game starts. Its pretty easy for the Arsenal. They go to the top of the table. I start to wonder about my new friends. I turn to see what they are up to. They have gone, the drink only half sipped, the food barely touched. Maybe this was the  all important third date and things just got too exciting to stay in a bar. Oh well.

But despite having had Polish cleaners, who I also teach English for nine years, one particularly attractive and  having been aware of many Poles in Britain for longer, I had never thought of Polish lesbians. How many, is this still Catholic country as relaxed as we are, do they have a developed  internet and club scene. I google. Is it like in the film Carol where rich lesbians meet their  partners while  shopping. Who knows what is going on along Nowy Swiat?

Polish Lesbians comes up with a twenty minute porn threesome.  Blonde, blue eyes, these are not rug munchers, the rugs had long gone. OK its all pretty obvious ,licking and flicking,stuff, take it or leave it. Call me old fashioned but I take it. As well, for the  man with at least time on his  hands(!) there are ads for you looking for fun, and Lonely mums need anonymous sex. Later as the show progresses up pops a  picture of a pleasant sixty one year old who asks have I been naughty yet and would  I like a  fuck buddy. She looks familiar….it can’t be?

I just wanted to watch the football. The next day Leicester beat Chelsea to regain the top spot.


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