Rainbow City

Rainbow City


Yes its Jew versus Muslim.  Yet again. Oh no this always ends in tears. Why are the  Jews so much better, why do they always win. Watch them go, see the feathers fly, hear the insults, watch the blood flow. Yet of course it wont. Because this is the London mayoral election.

Here we do not go in for Jerusalem like bullets or Trump like insults. Second generation Muslim ,Sadiq Khan plays second generation Jew, Zac Goldsmith.

The press cream themselves at what living proof this is, that London is the world’s rainbow city,a  proof that we  got our race relations right, we have  an degree of integration  and coexistence that others can only dream. Maybe. The Orthodox Jews of Stamford Hill and the Bangladeshis of Bethnal Green-you are having a laugh! The line I love, is do not confuse indifference  with tolerance.

Previous mayors were cheeky chappie Livingstone and the well educated clown Boris Johnston. Both larger than life. The present contenders are very much life size,very much part of the  largely mediocre suits which make up the political elite in any democratic country.

Both play their strength. When they were not being MPs, one is a human rights lawyer the other   the editor of an environmental magazine. One has a bus driver as a father the other an international financier. Both have grandparents who never saw Albion’s blessed plot, this earth, this realm.

But how representative are these sons of immigrants of London’s population. London is  five million home born, three million foreign born. 44% are white British, 12 per cent other white,18per cent Asian. So second generation, born in Britain  contenders-one white ,one brown  are probably about right.

The  human rights lawyer  portrays himself as the epitome of working industrious London, the world business centre-not a parasite, silver spoon like his opponent.  How we love lawyers, how we admire their contribution. The billionaires son who  cannot disguise his wealth behind his looks stands  for a greener ,cleaner world . We are in the world of emperor’s clothes, manure de vache. Wasn’t it ever thus?

As immigrants once removed the two candidates represent the  two ends of the table. One from oligarch class  who come because our rule of law makes us a secure place for their money and  the other  from the  lumpen economic immigrants brought into to run our badly paid public service. It says something about  the low entry level of our political class that one had to go to crammers after Eton to get A levels and the other went to the University of North London.

Without the charisma of Boris, Labour’s natural majority in the metropolis will win the day and London will have a Muslim mayor. Hopefully he will refrain from the personal corruption that many other Muslim politicians in the UK feel is their right. But at least it will show the world what an open society we are, what a great deal Muslims get , and how most of us couldn’t care less.


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4 Responses to Rainbow City

  1. David of Bedchester says:

    Is Zac a Jew as his Mum is not?

  2. itwonthurt says:

    If you scratch me does the river Jordan flow?

  3. There are Gentiles, Jews and Rothschilds. Which is Zac? There’s a good game spotting Jews in The Simpsons. Krusty, obviously. Not Homer and Bart, but Marje and Lisa, yes. Not Principal Skinner, but Principal Skinner’s mother.

  4. Johan Vivian VAN DIJK says:

    Oh, I think a few really care but their voice wouldn’t be heard even if they chose to raise it. Their MP, or Mayoral candidate, toes some sort of party line because he/she’s ambitious and wants a career out of it and meanwhile our PM travels Europe and hopes we’ll fall for the ‘white piece of paper’ that shows us the contrived deal that he’s secured as we drift into a multi-cultural European monolith where one section has ‘rights’ and others only have ‘obligations’…mi compadre pagara….

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