Talking Charlie

Talking Charlie*

Many of us use  rhyming cockney slang without knowing it. Most has  completely disappeared-apples and pears-stairs; trouble and strife- wife; J Arthur Rank-wank but some have became part of the language.

I was on my TOD and had a BUTCHERS at a right BERK who was not using his LOAF and was telling the most outrageous PORKIES as he RABBITED on and on. In the end I couldn’t be bothered and  SCARPERED off and had a glass of MOTHERS RUIN


Tod Sloan(famous jockey)-alone

Butchers Hook-look

Berkshire Hunt-*unt

Loaf of Bread-head

Pork Pies-lies

Rabbit and Pork- talk

Scapa Flow(WW1&2 naval base)-go

Mothers Ruin-gin

*Charlie Chang-rhyming slang

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3 Responses to Talking Charlie

  1. Anon says:


  2. At a meeting in Lambeth – decision time. An old bloke said, “Come on, let’s see your nanny goats.” Never heard it before or since – may have been made up on the spot.

  3. Gary Rees says:

    I had big feet– “flippin’ great plates-a-meat”

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