Junk Male

Junk Male.

For my enormous sins I deliver leaflets for the Tory Party. This is the punishment of Sisyphus as more and more leaflets are being produced and there are less  who will take on such a  task. For the record this is the end of my political journey (dread word)  which started with the International Socialists (Trots) in the 60s, travelled through the Labour and SDP parties and ended up here. Even for a brown shirt like me, UKIP seems too silly for words. So the drift to the right ends.

Anyway the other day  I was delivering leaflets for Tory no chance mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith. He has the charisma of a £5 note. He is against someone  with even less  appeal but who is Labour which is London’s favoured party.

So I am  shoving these glossy pamphlets through letter boxes. Nearly every one  boldly demands No Junk Mail. In all the years I have been doing this I have been ready for the  house owner who protests. And this week my dream came true.

A youngish man with receding hair opened the door. House husband,out of work actor, shift worker, whatever, he fancied himself. Boldly he cried, Here take this back,Cant you read, No junk mail.

OK punk you have made my  day.both barrels.

Its not junk mail,its part of the political process. You cannot make informed decisions in a democracy without information,and if you enjoy living in a democracy political leaflets are part of the game. Do you enjoy living in a democracy?

Oh ,said my new acquaintance,. of course, I hadn’t read it,you are right, fair dos. He crawls back into his terraced house.

What a muppet.

Sometimes you realise why you spent four years studying politics all those years ago. But  on reflection what I should have done is taken the pamphlet back and  told him that it had far too many joined up words for him to understand. Or called up a passing  Tory drone to commit utmost prejudice. I know where he lives.I don’t mind if he had been radicalised or not, he  is gonner. Maybe I’m in the wrong party.

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2 Responses to Junk Male

  1. charlotte good says:

    Nice one, Hugh. And good on you for continuing your delivering … someone has to. x

  2. Johan Vivian Van Dijk says:

    You had a discussion and persuaded him to reconsider. It’s what the process is all about, isn’t it? Someone did the same on your political journey…?

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