Sing Something Simple

Sing Something Simple

Chris Bryant  is the  Labour MP for the once mining area of Rhondda, South Wales. Like many in that area he not only went to an English public school(Cheltenham College) but Oxford University and then to theological college and the  Anglican priesthood. Your fairly average boyo .

Like many in the valleys he is  upset  about the habit Welsh rugby fans,  of which there are far too many ,have of singing Tom Jones  wonderful singalong “By Bye Bye Delilah”. The song tells of knifing of Delilah who has done her lover wrong. Bryant who is very concerned about family violence especially when it is linked to the exceptional drinking that goes on before, during and after rugby matches.

Says the ex vicar speaking as the new Labour Party does for us all, “If we are really going to  take the issue of domestic violence seriously in Wales we have to change how we do things.  I know people will  call me a spoil sport but this song is about the murder of a prostitute.” It is not known whether  domestic violence occurs  while Delilah is being sung or whether those that know the words are more or less likely to commit violence.

But Rhondda Bryant whose school  has won more than a dozen VCs is onto something. Other  popular songs are deeply offensive. How do transgender people or anyone in the LGTB/BLT community feel about “God save Our Gracious Queen”. We are all in this together ,why pick out a particular Queen gracious and happy though  he/she may well be. No, this has to stop. If we are going to make those who go on the brave and difficult trans gender journey feel safe and secure then the  Queen has to go.

And while we are on offensive songs. Jerusalem is sung at most weddings, funerals and Women’s Institute meetings. Jerusalem is a divided city and is under Zionist occupation. Until this state of  affairs is rectified we should boycott this tune. And any way the words were written by William Blake who didn’t believe in marriage and  could be spotted talking to angels. That is ,he was mad ,bad and although not dangerous to know ,very odd.

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2 Responses to Sing Something Simple

  1. Johan Vivian Van Dijk says:

    ‘Rule Britannia’ – another one for your list? Our political elite don’t think much of the sentiments expressed…
    Move on please.

  2. Delilah was a sex worker, not a “prostitute”. Wash your mouth out, Chris Bryant.

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