Swimming for Putney-Tweedmouth

Swimming for Putney- Tweedmouth

Tweedmouth is the ugly deformed brother,  on the wrong side of the river  from its more glamorous sibling,Berwick.  It may not be a walled city, it may not have a famous church, a magnificent town hall, a pier, heroic barracks, cobbled streets and a great history but Tweedmouth has the Swan Leisure Centre. And it was there I swam last week.

The Centre was built in 1998 with lottery money and is very much in the brave new prefab style.Lots of glass and metal beams. But along with  an adult and kiddies pools and hot tub there is an indoor football pitch, indoor bowls court, squash courts, gym, meeting rooms etc. A municipal Centre Parc. Much used by schools  open swimming take place 12-1. I see the last of the screaming kids being herded onto their coaches. And  for £3.70,its on with the speedos and I’m in.

A 25 metre six lane pool  I am first in. That wonderful feeling when  you are the centre of this aquatic universe, every ripple, every splash, maybe nt lord of then universe but for a moment lord of the pool. A few others join. For half an hour we three or four plough  our lengths. We are here to swim not chat. The pool is warm, the changing “village” clean, and with one side of the pool all glass its very light. A great swim.

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