Puppet on a String

Puppet on a String

I was cycling back from Clapham Junction. I popped into one of my favourite pubs, The Alma by Wandsworth Town. Not much going on, mid afternoon. A long and  lazy read of the paper, perfect. One table with soft chairs was dominated by a man who was phoning and spreading himself over the whole table. I hate that. That’s where I sat.

He was an American drumming up business for a  motivational seminar. I sat in his face for about half and hour. He made around six calls. Most were not in. Just trying to catch up,  my seminar is next week, it would be a good time to have a chat , I think some of the ideas will appeal, Anyway have a good afternoon and I hope we can get together.

But sometimes he got someone. Then it was , great to catch up, I think you will find this will do your business  some real  benefit, Its  £100  and if you feel its not worth it I refund with no questions asked.

By the time  I had finished my pint I was almost  weeping at this warm flow  of arse licking sales spiel.. Thank God I no longer have to earn a living. Crawl and grease, grease and crawl.

The next day I saw the absolutely brilliant  film Anomalisa made with puppets . Oh yes alienation brilliantly done with a very big A.

The whole vacuity of  a kind of life seen through prism of man going to  another town-the plane ,the hotel room, the porter, the  miscalculation of the old girl friend, the shower, the  hotel plastic key, the repetition by automatic phones, the hope and   disappointment of  the new girl friend,  same old  family, the nightmare. All human life is in this film, somehow even the puppets having sex  get it right. Awkward, stilted, fumbling  yet ultimately  wonderful, just like real sex. And because he is a puppet the hero is  allowed to smoke!

But for me the killer was the hero was involved in a motivational conference. He even made a few calls. But which one was the real puppet?

On the Thames this week  as the  Oxbridge crews  move towards the Boat Race the tides have been high. Come on you Blues. Heroes and heroines in wellies. No greasing and crawling there. Just blue eyes  and  brave hearts in  the cold wind and the spring  sunshine.

As you read this I will be flying to Australia. The next blog is April 18.

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  1. Wim Denslagen says:

    Why Australia?

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