Oz Tales. 1. Coogee

Oz Tales. 1 Coogee.

Daughter Adelaide and her Old Fullerian fiancé Alex have set up home in a handsome apartment between Coogee beach and Randwick. That is  is in the preferred Eastern suburbs of Sydney.

Coogee got its name from the abo word meaning foul smell, coming from the still present sea weed. But as a beach its one of Sydney’s finest, competing with down market Bondi and further away more  glamorous  but tourist infested Manly. It has good swimming and a great sea fuelled pool ,Wylies. As everywhere else in Sydney handsome people ,  tanned and tattooed , in states of undress,spend their days having great breakfasts. There are many who are easy on the eye, here no fatties waddle.

A significant Australian  contribution to world culture is making the English breakfast civilised, interesting and even good for you. And then there is the coffee which somehow  the Aussies have achieved a deserved world reputation.

In the birth of the modern  Australian nation between the two Great Wars Coogee briefly had a pier. With a shark resisistant net attached. This  was the final touch ,which was to make it Sydney’s finest beach resort. It was to make  the place as famous as Coney Island  and Blackpool. And at the pier’s opening  in 1928, 135,000 flocked to try out its 200 metres of fun and games. Although the pier was built to the most modern specifications it could not resist the surf and storms that regularly come  and in 1935 Coogee Pier went the way of so many and had to be dismantled.

Coogee has other claims. There is the monument to the young men  from its football team who died in the  Bali bomb. There is the statue to the unknown  life saver,there is a statue to Mimie Wylie who won a  swimming silver at the Stockholm Olympics in 1912. And of course the ever present war memorial once again making the point that Australia has  made the blood sacrifice that creates a  nation.

But it is not these that catch this jaundiced eye. Tucked away on the south side of the bay , on the path to Clovelly, is a memorial shrine  complete with fresh flowers to the regular sightings of the Virgin Mary since 2003. A quarter of my blood is Ulster Protestant, when I hear this kind  of hocus pocus this blood sings. Now one of the reasons that Australia has been called the lucky country is that there have been other sightings in the Sydney area. Some of these happen after the pubs close, some before. All have meaning.

There are cynics who dispute that this veiled and comely ,maid was ever seen at Coogee. How did they know she was a Virgin, in this day and age it is so difficult to tell. Easiest to say all are not. My own feeling is that they knew it was The Virgin Mary because she was holding hands with a young lad who instead of saying, why cant I swim; isn’t it time to go home; can I have an ice cream kept saying give me some loaves and fishes and I will show you; suffer little children and  there are many rooms in my father’s house.(see link)


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3 Responses to Oz Tales. 1. Coogee

  1. Rob Pemberton. says:

    The Book of Mormon tells of the resurrected Jesus Christ and his visit to his faithful followers in ancient America. After his visits to his disciples in the Old World, he descended out of heaven and appeared to his followers in ancient America. If JC can do that there is no reason not to believe the Virgin Mary didn’t appear in Coogee Sydney. She is due in Great Yarmouth later this month.

    Best Rob.

  2. charlotte good says:

    Ah, Hugh, we’ve missed you. The Aussie brekkie is best, for sure. If you long for an equal, visit my London local, Pimlico Fresh on Wilton Road – run by the comely non VIrgin Jackie from Melbourne.

  3. itwonthurt says:

    After a very pleasant double Jura at the club last night I walked back along the front. Suddenly I saw a golden scull being rowed by a modest dame wearing a veil and somehow holding a small babe. Yo I cried, Are you the Virgin M. She lowered her eyes and said My son will not row for Oxford or Cambridge but for Mankind. What did she mean. Was it a sign. When I told my lady wife she threw a glass at me and cried Dont Virgin Me,you and that club.

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