Is Your Gender Bending?

Is Your Gender Bending?

“Barack Obama has said transgender pupils at public schools must be allowed to use the toilets and changing rooms of whichever gender they identify with”Independent(yes still going online)

Lets get real. This has got to happen. Changing gender can happen at any time. On your way to the supermarket, the net ball   game, the nursery. Even on your way to the toilet. You may well be in a hurry, but so what. Suddenly you realise that cross dressing is not enough, you must cross the sexual Rubicon and move on, tits must come or go , genitals must change. You must break out of the imprisonment of crudely assigned gender.

President Obama has failed to bring peace to the Middle East or anywhere else, he has not contributed much to race relations in the U SA, but he is grabbing the transgender problem by the short and curlies- that is they  haven’t been waxed or shaved off.

Certain reactionary Southern States have waved the bloody shirt by saying its not how you feel but whats between your legs that determines which piss pot you use. The most powerful man in the world is putting them straight, or in this case trans.

Now this does present a bit of a problem at chez nous. For we have three toilets. Up until now they have been male, female, gay. Each coloured coded, blue, pink, rainbow. We have been very relaxed about gay,at least one of the children’s godparents is gay, our vicar is gay. The men we know are more likely to cry than the women. All part of metrosexuality which we and the new Muslim mayor of London are proud to be part.

Do we build a new toilet, maybe convert the all glass shower room. Maybe we should convert the whole house into a LBGT/BLT friendly area. Our slogan,if its fine by you its fine by us. Please leave the toilets as you expect to find them. Apparently some who have recently moved genders find accuracy when urinating difficult. Even after 70 years I find the target easy to miss.

Apparently one in 350 is transgender. The   all male Winchester House club has over 400 members. The club is bracing itself for the first chap who walks onto the wild side and demands to keep his membership. No surrender.

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One Response to Is Your Gender Bending?

  1. This is a serious matter, Scribbler. Obama and Blair should get together with George Galloway and Boy George to ensure that trans Hizbollah fighters can ride in the front of the bus in the Ultra Orthodox areas of Jerusalem.

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