Making Hay 2

Making Hay 2

Angela Duckworth is a psychologist from the University of Pennsylvania. She is also a Tiger Mum and the very successful author of, Grit -The Power of Passion   and Perseverance.

Easy on the eye ,hardly taxing on the brain,wearing shiny boots an hour in her audience passed easily.

Its another, yes, you too can be successful, book. That is ,if you try harder, practice more, believe you can change and keep going throughout your life.There are many such books, research studies and self flagellation instruments.

They all come down to an ultra Protestant view of mankind. We have been given certain talents by God, it is a sin not to use and exploit them to your limit. Those who obey this commandment will be allowed into the eternal kingdom in this life and the next. Those who fail to exploit their potential are losers and condemned to a nether life. They may as well speak Latin and read the Lives of Saints.

Meanwhile Dorothy Parker opines “if you want to know what God thinks of money, see who he gives it to.”

Then it was off to see Nobel Prize winner Iranian human rights lawyer Shirm Ebadi. Good for the heart. She spoke of her trials and triumphs through a brilliant interpreter. In the questions an Iranian in the audience spoke at length in their tongue. He went on, and on ,and the audience suspected an anti Western tirade. They booed him down. He stopped and it turned out he was Kurd also demanding human rights. Sorry son.

US Shakespearean scholar James Shapiro whose books 1599 and 1606 I have read, was brilliant, witty, informative and on the money. As I have said before, anyone interested in the bard has to read.

Melvyn Bragg was pissed off with his over long journey to Hay and he let it ruin his usually charismatic performance. His latest book is a novel based around the peasant revolt of 1380. I asked a show off question about the affect of the Black Death on feudal labour relations. Sweetly, he suggested my question suggested I knew more than he. Would it were so.

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2 Responses to Making Hay 2

  1. Rob Pemberton. says:

    Are you staying anywhere nice ?

  2. J elson says:

    Have chums at Hay who know Melvin. My Wifey wanted to know the cut of your jib so she asked them to ask M what the chap who asked him your question was like. Afraid you cut such a dash he doesn’t remember your question. Enjoy your blog,used to be well up to national newspaper standard or even better. But no thought provoking insights recently. Don’t flag.

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