Fat Lady Sings

Fat Lady Sings

My local Putney pool ,where I go twice a week, is largely staffed by Poles. So far so good. Most speak excellent English. They come in all shapes and sizes like the  sausages and dumplings they eat. Some  are easier on the eye than others One who is on the slightly dumpy side often runs  the receptionist desk. Her English is bold enough to    crack   , the odd ,if repetitive joke.

Up until recently when I paid my £2.15 for “a senior swim” , as she handed me my ticket she would reply “A young man’s swim”. After a few  months this wore very thin.

I realise  that in her Slavonic way she is trying to make me feel good but, there are few English girls who bother telling jokes.

For as Dr J so brilliantly said, “Wit is the unexpected copulation of ideas”. And after a few months the unexpected in this cod joke had long since gone.

So, two weeks ago I told dumpy Daphne,that this mal mot was not  funny when she had first cracked it,now its just not only  dull but annoying. How would she like it  if I referred to an obvious fact about her.

She    grinned, the rictus of an almost empty brain. Go ahead, it wouldnt worry me.

So I said, Its not over till the fat lady sings. Her English was good enough. The smile was wiped and she don’t crack no jokes no more.

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One Response to Fat Lady Sings

  1. 'David' says:

    Put her in HER place!

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