Days In and Out

Days In and Out

Two days ago crossing Blackfriars Bridge I saw the flotilla of little  boats advertising Brexit sailing on their jolly joy way towards  the Houses of Parliament. The BBC News would later tell me that there, they were met by a similar group of   small boats signalling the  wish to Stay. These flotillas would exchange insults, V signs and buckets of water . What larks, serious debate reduced to childish farce.

But was something    else going on? I would find out. For I was on my way to enjoy the Members day at the new £26m extension of Tate Modern. Oh dear. The queue was long and most in it(including) were old and ugly. Inside?

Four different types of brick, hardwood panels, straw wreaths, couscous models, a dining room set, beds in  cages. Thank goodness that boring white men were not involved and the new Tate was a showcase for ladies and  “artists” from the third world. Bless.

Somewhere in the literary diarrhoea that passes as programme notes I read that the artists were “breaking down boundaries between real life, through performance, social engagement or visitor participation”. I twigged, the mock naval battle between Capt Nige and Commodore  Geldoff (wankers both) was performance art sponsored by the Tate. But unlike those exhibited in the gallery,those in the boats were mainly boring white men.

That afternoon I went onto the Globe to see   Midsummer’s Night Dream. Here too, new radical management was at work. Once again Women, LGBT, people of colour were all going to be given a more of a crack. And Good Golly, Miss Molly, it worked, and how. Absolute   joy as George Formby, Bollywood, Busby Berkeley, David Bowie, and   many others were thrown into Shakespeare’s happy stew.  Bravo. So men marry men. Some men and some women are not white. Get real.

Meanwhile going back to Brexit. Two weeks ago the odds were 1/6 stay,4/1 leave. They are now 8/13 stay,13/8 leave. We could be getting a bit of   fog  in the Channel.











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  1. Wim Denslagen says:

    We read in the supplement of the La Repubblica (11 June 2016) an interview with Frances Morris, called Regina di Quadri (queen of paintings) that the New Yorker had published some words of criticism. ‘L’ho letto, ma dissento’, said the new director (I have read it, but I do not agree).

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