The Princess and the Dwarf

The Princess and the Dwarf


Once upon a time there was a town in the North. Lets call it Birstall. Here on the same day two kids were born. A boy and a girl. Both were born to decent ordinary folk. They went to the same school. At one point in junior school they sat next to each other.

The girl studied and grew into a handsome woman. She worked hard and went out into the world. She  never forgot her humble beginnings and  dedicated her life to helping others. The king heard of her good work and asked her to come to the  Palace to help him. There she met a handsome prince,they married and had children. Everywhere she went the sun shone and people smiled.

Back in  Birstall the boy was not so fortunate. He didn’t grow,he didn’t do well at school, he found everything difficult. Some said he wasn’t all there. But he knew different. He had a secret.

He knew the reason that he had done badly at school was because of the wog-nogs. The teachers always put them first. He couldn’t get a job because the wog nogs had got there first.  He couldn’t get a girl friend us because the wog nogs laughed at him.His lovely  Gran  had died because the wog nogs at the  Hospital hadn’t cared.

One day he would show them. One thing he was good at was good  at was gardening. Local plants only, none of that wog nog rubbish, he looked after his own and his neighbours’ gardens.

Then he heard the Princess had come back to Birstall. She loved everyone, including the  wogs nogs. What did she know, she lived in the Palace,she had lovely  children, a big car. He had to show her  that many did not like a Princess telling  them they should like wog nogs. He went to the kitchen drawer and took out a knife. He caught the   bus to where the Princess was talking.

He walked towards her. As always she smiled, put out her hand and said, I haven’t seen you since school, how  have you been? He didn’t look her in the face, he plunged his knife deep into her chest. Now they would understand what and why he had suffered. As he did the deed, he thought he saw his Gran , but she was not smiling.







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