Dave Does,Nige Fudges

Dave Does. Nige Fudges .

You heard it here first. We are staying In.

Since the end of  last week the stock market has been on the rise-Lloyds for instance after crashing  on Brexit fears is up more than  10per cent in two days. Elsewhere the betting markets having gone from 1/6 for Staying to 8/13 are now back to 1/4. Leave having  gone from 4/1 to 13/8 is now 3/1.

Ashcrofts’s focus groups all say that if they woke up on Friday having left they would feel “worried and apprehensive.” The moderate, decent British electorate having  flirted with romantic extremists is back to where it feels most comfortable. The Cox murder has encouraged this trend. As calmer heads in the Cameron bunker have always argued, turkeys do not  vote for Xmas.

My postman hoped it would be Stay with a big message to the EU that people are unhappy and need change. Thats the result we are going to get. My prediction- 54% Stay,46% Leave.

My own vote will go pretty much with the flow. The EU is undemocratic, unreformable and probably corrupt. Like all institutions it  wastes money. It also believes that like a shark it must keep moving to stay alive. The Eastern bloc countries,the euro, the tsunami of red tape and most of all the failing economy , all show Europe isn’t working and should  be ditched. And the refugees….

However ditching  the EU would lead to market and political turmoil. Cameron would be finished and the centre discredited. With  UKIP and Corbyn’s Labour well poised the country could lurch either primitive Right or atavistic Left. Our economy outside of the  City has shown itself largely incapable of responding to world demand. Many of our key industries are  foreign owned for a reason. Outside of the EU the City which drives a large part of the wealth of the South East could well flounder and or decline. In or out the refugees are going to keep coming.

And as for immigrants. Get real, if we trade with the EU the Polish plumbers and the  Roumanian pickpockets get in before the curry chefs and the arranged spouses. If we leave the order just swaps around. There is a reason why many Asian politicians want us to Leave.

I  am not an Asian politician, I don’t like uncertainty, I’m a patriot but I don’t believe the UK is a world beater, I am a conservative with a small cee. I’m In. Fuckit.

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3 Responses to Dave Does,Nige Fudges

  1. I’d have thought 50-50, but it’s going to rain on Thursday, so you may be right, because the Inners are more interested in politics and so more willing to get wet on the way to the poll.

  2. Wim Denslagen says:

    hear, hear

  3. Johan Vivian Van Dijk says:

    I’ll savour the last time I step into a polling booth; we may remain so there will be little point in doing so again. ‘All the crew were in despair, some jumped here and some jumped there, And the captain’s name was Cameron..and he played the ukelele as the ship went down…’

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