That Was The Day That Was

That Was The Day That Was

While Britain decided to leave the EU, I sat down with 38 friends, a wife, son and daughter in law , grand daughter, sister and brother in law and enjoyed a damn good lunch. Most of us had spent the last forty years   growing up and out together. Many thousands of  love and friendships years. Londoners and professionals nearly all, only three had voted to Leave. I joked they were like Muslim news readers, only there to show how tolerant and inclusive I was.

The day started with heavy rain and since we were walking 2.5 miles along the tow path to the Bulls Head in Barnes this might have been the dampener. But like the Queen who had to suffer cloud bursts on her birthday party we just got on with it. The rain stopped. Guests arrived for bucks fizz and we  were off. Walk and talk,talk and walk with old friends. Life doesn’t get grander.

Pimms awaited us at the pub and eventually we sat down. Bit of a hoo haa over lack of  seating but eventually heads went into the trough. An upstairs room with a grand view of the majestic Thames which was  so high and mighty on that historic day.

Wine flowed, three courses consumed. More wine was consumed. Leo made the best man’s speech which showed  wit and personality.  Octavia did not eat her fish fingers and Jon Hiseman taught her the drums. Fangen did his usual Gilbert and Sullivan. And my sister  Barbara Thompson took up the recorder and led us through, Maybe its because I am Londoner, I love to go a Wandering(see link) and the Eton  Boating Song. I restricted myself to three jokes  ,all of which worked. Bravo.

Little did we know that in a few hours a famous Etonian would be making his swan song and another would be gloating in the wings.

The songs were chosen because I am a Londoner, my family used to own the rights to I love to go a Wandering and since inherited money  was paying for the meal  and I was once an enthusiastic trekker it was appropriate. The Boating Song is always sung at my annual Boat Race parties.

So what happened? Others have and will tell. What is obvious is that the wealth, cosmopolitanism and class make up of London make it a very different place from the rest of the country. But that is true of all metropolises in all countries. Maybe the question on the ballot paper was read as, “Are you happy with the way you are governed?”

From now on the   question has to  be asked, Who knows England who only London knows? Maybe its because I am a Londoner that I haven’t a clue about the rest of the country.

Since you ask, 70, gateway to old age. Now  out of the EU. Bring it on.


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One Response to That Was The Day That Was

  1. Wim Denslagen says:

    It is a pity I could not be there to tell you not to worry. Germany is on your side this time.

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