Reasons to Love Brexit

Reasons to Love Brexit


  1. Don’t have to learn at German or French
  2. Can talk about the War
  3. Cant afford to go abroad and get skin cancer
  4. And eat smelly food
  5. Can get jobs picking and packing peas
  6. Also jobs in care homes
  7. When the Polish delis close we will have more charity shops
  8. We can spend more time with our families
  9. Lawyers will get more work sorting out the details
  10. Rich people will be poorer
  11. Boris will be PM and Nigel will be on TV all the time
  12. Scotland will become independent
  13. Ireland will be a bigger mess
  14. Less cream for Brussels fat cats
  15. We can say what we feel about Merkel’s suits
  16. And laugh openly at Hollande
  17. Greece was made poor by the EU but voted In
  18. UK was made rich by the EU and voted Out
  19. Go figure
  20. There’ll always be an England.




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4 Responses to Reasons to Love Brexit

  1. The clocks can run backwards and I can be 20 again.

  2. We are no longer compelled to send an entry to Eurovision.

  3. Michael Gove no longer has to trust experts and can take his own appendix out.

  4. Charlie H says:

    Your kids will not prosper and you will have to bail them out
    Your grandkids will grow up in a divided country and be derided in Europe / the world as little Englanders
    They’ll miss out on trips abroad and foreign mates (and not ‘do’ that important ski season like their parents did)
    Putney will be flooded as climate change adaptation funding is cut by successive right wing anti-‘expert’ administrations
    Heart attack / cancer research funding will similarly be cut and European collaboration discouraged
    English Universities will be forced to take more Asian pupils; lectures will be given in Mandarin
    Scotland will leave the Union and stay in the EU so you will need to rename this black day Engxit
    This will finish Liz and Phil off
    And you will wear your Union Jack flag with nostalgia

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