In and Out

In and Out.

Putney now not only has a gay vicar but a lesbian member of parliament. Justine Greening our much respected, excellent MP came out on Saturday.  She had long been a fairly obvious  bachelor girl. She tweeted that she had voted In but  now wanted to come  Out.  Such wit. This  now makes 36 homosexual MPs in Westminster and  makes this parliament the most (openly)  LGBT friendly in the world.

Of course the local website started a  thread. Support, best wishes, lovely news, happiness all were stated. And why not? I thought I might add a word or two.

I wrote “Once again the “nasty “ party shows its true one nation colours. My questions, why  when most guessed did you take so long, why now and whats the big deal.”

That is two    cheers for the once homophobic Tory Party  for being inclusive and  in this day and age why any fuss about  coming out. Not enthusiastic but then we cant all gush for the Pride Parade. Or for St Patricks  Day or The Ideal Home Exhibition   for that matter.

But I had sinned. Eyebrows can never be arched, grins especially sardonic must be suppressed. There is only one way. Sexuality ,despite all the evidence is a serious and or joyful matter. One wrote of my remarks “truly horrible post-why cant you just be happy for her.” Why not, oh dear, maybe my happiness is too precious to waste on the sexual fulfilment of public servants.

Another got out bed to write,”nasty homophobe displaying his true colours.” I was thinking of  changing gender, its soooo fashionable, now, I am not so sure. I may be misunderstood. Maybe this is part of the rise in hate crimes that post Brexit Britain is experiencing.

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