Don’t Want To Be Your Tiger



Dont Want To Be Your Tiger

Nixon and Elvis, such a good idea, but   a very disappointing  film. In l970 Elvis with  all his delusions rocks up to the White  House demanding to be appointed a special FBI agent. Nixon of course ,brilliantly played by Kevin Spacey, hasn’t a clue, until his children say, Dad get the autograph. The film has some charm  but best seen on TV next year. Lunchtime, Friday,I was the only one in Screen 3  of the  Victoria Curzon.(see link)

The relationship between show business and politics is interesting. You get the great cross overs Ronald Reagan,  Arnold Schwarzenegger and on a smaller scale  UK’s Glenda Jackson. If journalists and lawyers can become politicians because they pick up things quick, why not actors who find saying what they don’t believe easy.

Politics has been called “Show business for ugly people”. Why not. But while the ugly people are mesmerised by the glamour of show and sports stars they in turn  love the power that the uglies wield.

Every election the parties roll out their show biz supporters. Its almost laughable that they think it makes any difference. Politicians and show biz stars stand next to each other like shiny baubles on a Xmas tree, reflecting nothing but each other.

The UN uses big name stars Angelina Joly and George Clooney to keep its tattered name in the media. Certainly beautiful people get media attention, they have since cave painting, but they don’t get votes. They maybe  easy on the eye and ingrained in our fantasies but we all know they know far less about the real world than we who live on the ground floor.

Only a few months ago we had  all  the Shakespearean stars led by Benedict Cumberbatch  lining up to tell us we should show more  humanity to those at Calais  so desperate to get to Britain. Brexit showed how effective that was.

But then you get the great Bono and saint Geldof  et al who use their fame  if not  their fortunes to steam roller politicians into “saving the world”. It is after all as  easy as singing a song. So far without much success. But thanks for trying Bob. Thanks to you the Horn of Africa has never been in a worse place. That nice Mr Blair must have something to do with it.

In fact when I think of the pretensions of El Bono and the madness of King Elvis,I just wanna be your teddy bear.

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One Response to Don’t Want To Be Your Tiger

  1. Julian Canny says:

    Were you at the concert where Bono announced: “Every time I clap my hand a child dies in Africa,”
    and a member of the audience responded: “Well stop clapping your fucking hand then.”

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