Its Good to Talk




Its Good To Talk

There is  a moment. The  day’s work is done. You have a choice. Go home while you know  the wife is bathing the baby. Go to the corner bar  and join the guys for a few beers and a couple of laughs.

Or pull your pants down, get on the phone, someone you know or don’t, talk  dirty, get the old fellow moving, take a snap, send it instagram. Where is the harm in that. Life is a journey ,its not a  straight line between puberty and menopause.  The Jesuits are finished, guilt is over, adult behaviour  that causes no pain,is no one’s business.

Poor Anthony Weiner the frankly brilliant   New  York politician and star of the documentary(see link) found different. The country that regularly  culls black people, school children, gays and policemen found the selfie pictures of  his John T, sooo bad that he was dished politically. Not once  twice.

Now  I have a confession to make. My child bride and I use telephone sex. On an evening somewhere between the end of Eastenders and the beginning of the News ,the mother of my children may be in the kitchen. I am in my study.

Brr. Brr. Is that  Hot Lips . Yes Who’s asking. Zoro El Magnifico. What are you wearing. Something loose. Silk or lace. Can you undo a  button. Pull them lower. Are you free to talk. I’m thinking Eifel Tower. Big, Bigger.Stop breathing so hard.Will you touch  your inner thigh. Is that good. Have you missed me.

You know the  rest. Hot ,sticky and deeply satisfying. I am not saying that its everyone’s cup of tea, or  even Horlicks, but we are mature adults moving towards our last quarter. Anything to keep the show on the road.

Shame went  out with  Princess Di stalking her lovers. If it  feels OK, it is OK. Let he who has not twittered cast the first stone. I have to go, Hot Lips is calling and I am still wearing my chinos. I have to change into my cloak and mask.

Yes it is Zoro, my room is  hot and so am I, I am wearing my stripy boxers, blue and white, what do you think of lesbians in politics,  so butch, so bitch,oh shit, I’ve…

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