Cartes Postale Canadien II

Cartes postales, Canadien II

The Wedding.

My brother’s eldest daughter Emily  was marrying Mark. Lawyers both. A Kingston,Ontario , open air, lakeside affair, on a summer Sunday. Glorious. The rows of neat white chairs. The extras booted and suited and some even glamorous. The principals, smiling stars in their own movie.Oh yes, Love was in the air.

As the secular service drifted its gentle way through the well worn stream of poems, readings and vows; yachts would pass, jet skis would roar, kite and wind surfers would float and glide. In the distance you could hear the youngsters diving in off the jetty. Every now and then the congregation clapped but no yacht stopped to take a bow. Later we danced the crazy-mazy hora and the lovely couple were held high on chairs. My Jewish blood tingled. It was good day both front and back stage. Even this black heart felt joy.

The Surprise

Driving up the North Shore from Ile d’Orleans to La Malbaie we soon realised that this road had all the drama and views of a great coastal ride. The widest St Lawrence, the rolling wooded hills, the tributary rivers,  the circling bays. We  stopped for lunch at Baie St Paul. The Michelin guide book told us this two river town was famous for its artists and their studios. It was certainly easier to buy a picture than a beer.

We chatted to one artist who had used a whole range of materials to  an exciting effect. When I found out how cheap($1K) his large picture was, I started to move. She was out the door before I could say…

While we were in the town  there was a musical festival  in full swing. Sweet Chariot. Coming for to take me Home. Lordy. Such brass , such bands, such show business and then some. Sassy, fun, sexy gigs.We learnt later that many of the Cirque du Soliel come from Baie St Paul and those French horn players made the point. On our trip the beleaguered Cirque  was being  relaunched.


Whale Watching.

Just up the coast from La Malbaie is the centre for whale watching,Tadoussac. We bought the ticket(£50 each) and took the three hour ride. It was misnamed. It should have been called whale searching. Up and down, round and round, in and out of the fjord. We looked but we did not find. All the time the guide in two languages gave us the facts on plankton tonnage, the six types of whale we MIGHT see, the width and temperature of the river. An hour passed, then another but no whales.

Some years before off New England we had seen one leap out. So now we are watching, hoping that at any minute the blank sea would be broken by if not Flipper, then Flipper’s bigger cousin. The guide in desperation pointed out cormorants which looked very like the same birds we see at Putney sur Thames.

With the three hours nearly up. A sighting. 200 metres away the fin of a minke whale,the smallest type. This we followed for ten minutes. This was more a bad game of  ISpy,(something beginning with W….you wish) definitely not a Captain Ahab experience.


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