Go Donald Go

Go Donald Go

Donald Trump has only just scratched the surface of quixotic nonsense insults. On the Joe Goebbels basis that the bigger the lie the easier it is to sell, he has someway to go. Insults to come include-

George Washington- British spy(he served in the British Army)

Teddy Roosevelt-queer( all that Rough Rider stuff)

FDR Roosevelt-benefit cheat(don’t tell me that wheel chair was real)

Abraham Lincoln- Sunni imam(see name and beard)

Jack Kennedy-small willy(every day?what was he trying to prove)

Ginger Rogers-a man(check the photos)

Marilyn Monroe-lesbian(see above)

Emily Dickenson-a frog (no prince ever kissed her)

Meryl Steep- draft dodger (well did she go to Vietnam?exactly)

Sylvia Plath- do I need to add anything?US Males not good enough? She had it coming.

Martin Luther King-illegal immigrant(grandfather an uncertified  slave)

Mohammed Ali-on drugs(no-one could be that good without them)

Earnest Hemmingway-teetotaller (he could not have written all those books if he was drunk)

Mark Twain- tax cheat ( what happened to all those riverboat card winnings)

Dwight Eisenhower-Montgomery’s bitch( see D Day casualties)

Bob Dylan-paedophile ( why not?)

Elvis Presley-sheep shagger ( see above)

Billy the Kid-cross dresser( don’t tell that squeaky voice wasn’t a girl’s)

Philip Roth-plagiarist(many of the words he uses in his books have been used before.)

Come on Donny,try harder.




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