Rio 2016. The Latest


Rio 2016. The Latest.


And they are off. The Olympics. Russians with wheelchairs  cannot compete,those without wheelchairs can. Chinese winge that the  flags they made are wrong(wong!). Israelis complain that the Lebanese wont  let them on the bus. US athletes complain about the quality of showers. Aussie athletes  have to out up their own shower curtains. Britons show stiff upper lip on poor performance.

But there are more complaints to come.

Britons complain swimming pool too long.

Australians say pools too short.

Russians say no facilities for used needles

Chinese demand  announcements in Mandarin

The Olympic Committee say they have learnt lessons and there will be no changes

LBTG community accuse Games of being  transphobic. “Sex tests are so last century”said a spokesman.

Black Lives Matter state that the use of starting pistols in events including people of colour is “insensitive  and unacceptable”

Americans demand higher grade ketchup in athletes village

Russians  complain that there has been too much coverage  of other countries medals.

IOC say they are looking into the problem and are aware of the human rights aspect.

Saudi Arabia says starting times in the sailing coincide with prayer times.

Kenya and Jamaica complain about  drug rumours. Put up or shut up.

BBC accused of ageism in having no reporters over 80.

British equestrian team state Brazilian hay wrong shape.

Ice cream wrappers found on sailing course. Races to be rerun.

Athletes complain about lack of track side baby changing facilities

Scandinavians demand medals for fourth and fifth places. They claim it is counter productive if athletes are never rewarded.

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One Response to Rio 2016. The Latest

  1. Wim Denslagen says:

    Dutch athlete sent home, because he had an alcoholic drink outside the premises.

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