Grandad’s Diary(cont)

Grandad’s Diary (cont)

Octavia Rose is coming up for four. In September she will start her first swanky fee paying school. Twenty years of study beckon. But already her career intentions have become confused. We were never expecting a medical, legal  or accounting career. For some time Octavia has been running  a Cafe in Wonderland. That is  a fast food joint which never has quite what you want. Fish and  Chips? Sorry would you like wine or beer. Steak? No but would you like  extra salt or pepper. This new wave virtual restaurant  does not  seem to have     caught on.

But is she down hearted? No. She has relaunched herself as the Hairdresser with a Difference. It starts with protracted phone calls. Hairdresser here, do want to make an appointment. 12.00 o clock,no I am sorry we are booked up. Will 15 o’clock do. You mean 3pm. No 15 o clock. Fine. Would you like a wash and cut. Yes please.

She comes to my chair. She rubs my bald pate with vigour and intent.She declares she hasn’t time to do the cutting and I should make another appointment.

The phone again. I want to make a complaint. I ordered a cutting and it wasnt done. Can I speak to the manager. Yes I am the manager. What  is the problem. Oh. I’ll look into it. Shall I come round . Yes please. More head massage. Would you like any colouring. Yes what  have  got?Blue or Gold. Ok Blue, I am going mad. She smiles. See you next week. To the salon born.

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