Degree of Success

Degrees of success

Masha our Ukrainian cleaner qualified as a radiographer before she came to the UK seven years ago. She earned around £100 a month. As a cleaner she earns £12 an hour,works 40 hours a week and earns nearly £500 a week. I learn that Deliveroo riders can earn £9.50 an hour.

I also picked up that one in four graduates who qualified in 2004 earns only £20,000. Of course unlike Masha they also have around £25k in student debts. My point being that for many going to university has in terms of inceasing earning power been a complete waste of time. They are earning less than a cleaner.

Naturally the £20k  figure may include graduate mothers who may not be working or be working part time. I know several graduate mothers who worked as lowly paid teaching assistants. £20k iin London is bareky a living wage. The median fifure for the class of 2004 is £31k.

Those who qualify and complete a two year apprenticeship at Jaguar immediately earn £30,000. The man at Jaguar has of course no student debt.

There are figures that show that those with firsts and 2.1s do better than their colleagues. Such has been degree inflation both in terms of numbers and status that many employers for “graduate jobs” will not look at anything below a 2.1. Which may partly explain why so many graduates after ten years are earning less than a free lance cleaner. A lady who by the way has to work hard and long hours.

This is an argument against the rise and rise of universities, today 50 per cent of youngsters go to university. Many going to pumped up FE colleges, doing poor courses in subjects with little no vocational point. Grade inflation means that where in the 60s 5% got Firsts now 20% can claim to have first class minds. Ho Ho.

But,but… number one son just scrapped his A levels, went to a poor university,  did  a so so course in public relations business studies. But it gave him the qualification, discipline and attitude which proved to be a springboard to a remarkably  successful career. Whether that would have happened if he hadn’t gone to university we will never know. Ambition, emotional intelligence and confidence are not something you learn at university.

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