Married to the Olympic ideal


Married to the Olympic ideal?


Sometimes The Guardian makes you smile. In reporting GB’s hockey gold, the paper I read on Saturdays, stated (the team) “included Helen and Kate Richardson-Walsh who are the first married couple to win gold for Britain since Cyril and Dorothy Wright took the 7m sailing class in Antwerp in 1920.” There used to be a wonderful piece of graffiti that read “Lesbian mothers are not pretend mothers.” 44 of the GB Olympic team are gay. Is that representative? Discriminatory? to who?

We move on. Previously my Saturday read had worked itself into a lather over the reporting of the Chinese athlete who put her “mere” fourth place down to her period. The reporting of this fact was misogynistic and racist. For  The Guardian the blackest double of them all. No mention of the Chinese swimmer who complained of losing because her “arms were too short”, which is obviously a racist statement. Which so much of the Olympics is , do those with certain racial heritages have certain advantages. Do those with certain financial, cultural and technological resources have certain advantages. Of course.

No mention of how the arrest of the Irish IOC representative  was typical of how that country has been bedevilled by corruption in its banking(Anglo Irish), commercial (Beef,Telecoms),government(bribes to among others,PMs Haughey and Ahern,) and sporting (swimmer  Michelle du Bruin)elites.

We have all loved the  high  school pranks and disgrace of the US swimmers which as the  very pink FT reported was like US foreign policy. “They arrive in somebody else’s country,mess up, blame the natives and then flee.”

International sport as George Orwell pointed out is war without guns. GB’s position on the medal table shows that we stand between the world and the “inevitable” Chinese world takeover. Oh yes. On this basis fellow NATO members Finland, Portugal and Austria with one bronze apiece are not going to be much help.

In my family sibling relationships go from warm very quickly to frozen. Vivien’s brother is on strictly Xmas card only terms with his   sisters. I know few families where adult sibling relationships are close, most are on a barely need to know basis. Arguments over wills, the care of elderly parents, career and marriage choices, past slights rule OK.

So to the Brownlee brothers with their god like power,   their deep love and respect for each other as they destroy the iron man ,triathlete world and the eldest always beats his younger . Gold and and bronze 2012, gold and silver 2016. Why doesn’t he do another sport? he is always going to come second. Someone tweeted its a shame mum didn’t have triplets and then it could have been a 123. Actually there is a third younger brother, and to show that no family is perfect he wants to be a lawyer!

Meanwhile the Brownlee brothers stand there, love, decency, triumph and total excellence. There can be only one next step. They must marry. Cyril and Dorothy would be so proud. As would we all.

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