Nuata per Putni, Umbria

Nuato per Putni, Umbria.

Swimming for Putney. Umbria

We were told of the Olympic sized  50 metre pool in nearby Todi. After going round the hilltop town a few times we eventually found it. Of course it was closed. Out of season, the wrong day. Who knows?

The next day we travelled past the dull town of Massciano to “La Carquelle”. Here we were told we could swim and eat well. We arrived at 12 noon. The little man waved his arms and cried “No Bagnio, no bagnio.” My heart sank ,were my speedos to be denied again?. He saw the disappointment. Puscine si, bagnio no.” I got it.

I have crossed Himalayan glaciers, I have braved snow storms in the high Andes, I have got home late. No changing rooms could be handled. The pool a lovely 25×10. I did my furious lengths. My child bride her graceful strokes. I ordered some beers.

Lovely Anna,silk shirt slightly undone, red lips smiling, white teeth sparkling, tight  washed jeans, served the amber liquid and smiled. The sun got even hotter and we moved into the shade of the restaurant area.

We ate lovely arrabiata penne, drank a little wine, shared a tiramisu and finished off with an espresso. Sometimes swimming for Putney is not such a chore.

The next day we went again. No one around. We dived in any way. No Anna, no beers as it was closed. Piscine ,perfecto. But open tomorrow. We were there. Anna had on a different shirt and jeans. But once again we were the only ones using the pool.

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