Play It Again Sam


Play it Again Sam


The FA paid Sunderland £3m compensation  when appointing Allardyce as  manager.

“Sam Allardyce is the right man for the England job,” said Martin Glenn ceo of the FA. “His excellent managerial credentials, including his ability to realise the potential of players and teams, develop a strong team ethos  and embrace modern methods that enhance performance, made him the outstanding choice.”

He was to be paid £3m a year. If you pay pnuts you get  monkeys,if you pay sacks of pnuts you get big monkeys.

On his appointment Sam the Man said,”I will do all I can to make England do well and give our nation the success our fans deserve. Above all we have to make the people and the whole country proud.”

So for a lot of greed, a bit of banter and a cynical attitude to rules and financial propriety Sam got his P45. (Come on,this is footie)After FIFA,Messi’s tax affairs etc,we cannot be shocked or surprised. Football is like the Catholic Church in the 14th century, a gold encrusted sewer. And as long as the people pay the money ,in tidal waves,so it will remain. Wherever there are large amounts of unearned cash ,so there will be corruption. See football,the Olympics,UN, EU, NHS,banking etc.

But hey was Sam in his 67 days( 7 weeks=£550k-the people’s sport,ha,ha), such a failure?

One match one win, An unbeaten record, something few managers achieve. Something Sam certainly never did at West Ham , Bolton or Sunderland.

Alan Lobotomy Shearer says Sam has made the game a laughing stock. Lobotomy Al has  once again missed the point,England’s role in world football is to be the laughing stock. Losing to Iceland,sacking managers who hear voices(Hoddle), McClaren’s notebooks, Sven Erikkson’s love life, Turnip Taylor, McKeegan’s huff,I could go on. Sam upheld a tradition in record time.

Sam made us all feel well dressed. Despite earning £3m a year he could not find a shirt or a pair of trousers that fitted.

Which of course brings us onto his choice of ties. These ties proved that Sam is technically blind,a requisite for England managers to be sure and also grounds for some sympathy. And maybe this could be his way back ,through the ParaOlympics.

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